Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Attempt to purchase a Tablet

Yesterday, Jake suggested that I finally give in and purchase a Bamboo tablet. He has a perfectly functional one that I would be allowed to use, if pen that came with it had not gone missing roughly four months ago.

I decided to purchase it from Best Buy, where we found the tablets in some miscellaneous section near the digital cameras, purses (which I can only assume were actually decorative laptop cases), and some Windows Paint for Dummies book. Sidenote? There was this camera that automatically takes pictures when you smile. How messed up is that? I could be biased because I have an enormous fear of robots, and that is just one more step in the direction of their hostile world domination. If it can sense when I smile, soon it will develop recognition of what a smile represents, then attempt to destroy it along with the rest of my girly face. Not cool. < /random tangent >

So I grabbed the tablet and made my way to the register, clutching it tightly as though it were a sacred relic that I must forever protect and allow never to be defiled. It was then paid for, and we returned home to experience it's magic. I sat triumphantly on my bed, excited to open my new purchase, when I had the craziest de ja vu. I was thinking of where I could keep my tablet pen so it wouldn't be lost like Jake's, and I considered keeping it in the Xbox360 controller tin that I keep all of my colored pencils in. So we bust open the tin to find his pen sitting all cozy-like atop all the reds and blues of my pencils. Moral of the story? Never put boyfriend's high-tech whatsits in with the art supplies you hardly ever use.

In the end, I returned my tablet to Best Buy and began using his. I am getting a little more used to Illustrator between use of tutorials and the tablet. I finally understand the basic concepts of Live Paint, but am still trying to figure out a few other key tools. However, I was still able to use my new and improved skills to create a new banner for the blog! Let me know what you think.

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