Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beets and other evil things

Beets are a super tasty vegetable, and are great for seasonal menus. I used to eat them all the
time as a kid, and got a kick out of it's daily reference on the Nickelodeon TV series Doug. However, I simply cannot get over how incredibly annoying they are to cook and prep. First you have to roast them for hours (which is fine when you aren't a busy little line cook with a prep list the size of China's Great Wall), and then you have to peel them, constantly switching gloves because you know that if you use bare hands you'll stain the plates with a Barney-colored fingerprints. If there were a a will-power I could learn that would call upon nature to roast and peel beets on command I would so save up all of my experience to acquire it. Other evil things include: lobsters, oysters, and faulty seafood coolers.

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