Monday, March 2, 2009

Cleverly titled: Cast-iron blog

I have managed to collect an overabundance of magazines and cookbooks over the past year. They sit on my bookshelf, where I glance at them periodically and sigh because I don’t think I’ll ever have time to go through them all. My books are alphabetized, however, there is no real order to my copies of Bon Appetite, Food & Wine, and whatever other “pretty food” magazines I managed to acquire. So, why not just pick one?

Today I chose to read the January 2009 issue of Bon Appetite. On page 20, Diane Chang features the cast-iron skillet. I was pretty excited since a lot of people mistreat these seasoned saviors, but was disappointed to find that this “article” was only a few sentences long and provided no actual information on the maintenance of cast-iron pans. Why feature such an essential tool and not even bother to educate about it? After you come home from a relaxing weekend to find your two cooking-inept roommates soaking your precious practically-heirloomed pan in every degreaser known to man, you tend to believe that cast-iron maintenance should be instilled at birth.

Enter my Google search bar:
“How to mantain a cast-iron pan,” I politely ask. The second result was a web article on entitled, “How to Love Your Cast-Iron Skillet.” Although the article is not an epic tale by any means, it highlights the basic knowledge needed for some good-ole cast-iron lovin’. It’s really that easy. So if there is a piece of equipment you wish to use, read about it before jacking your friend’s ancient Samurai sword to dice up your mirepoix.

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