Monday, March 9, 2009

Lil Sis' minus the whistle tips

I was on Kotaku this morning and saw an article on Bioshock 2, reminding me that I have always wanted to play the first Bioshock game. With that, I decided to rummage through Jake's games to find his copy (Oh, the joys of living with two nerdy guys) and get as much game time in as I could before having to head to dinner.

Now, this is not my first shooter experience; however, I will say it is the most enjoyable for me so far. My first time was with Star Wars: Battlefront roughly two years ago, and it frustrated the ever-loving feces out of me. I could not figure out the controller, and it is the game to blame for the fact that I must always use inverted settings when I play anything. The only other shooter I have played is Left 4 Dead, and I have yet to meet anybody who hasn't at least been excited over it. I mean, I'm not saying I get off on destroying Hunters before they even think about pinning Francis to the muddy post-apocoplyptic ground, but zombies are frickin' rad and I cannot deny that.

With Bioshock, though, it's more than just having fun playing video games with friends. I was immediately immersed in this story that had me problem solving almost instantly. I wasn't given a map in the corner of the screen or breadcrumbs to guide me...I was forced to use my brain and deductive reasoning to find my way (until I accomplished points and was given an arrow, of course). Despite the arrow, this is still the first game where I have been able to figure out what to do by myself. I only got about an hour and a half of game-time in (have not even had to fight the first Big Daddy yet), but I cannot wait to play more. I am hoping that in playing Bioshock, I'll have more experience and opportunity to play other great shooters.

Also?...Telekinesis FTW.

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