Tuesday, April 21, 2009

é&"khjhfs_èà_çéjnd ( stupid keyboard )

Know what they never tell you about France? The keyboards are different. When you pay an hour for internet you dont expect to spend it looking for the right key so you dont look like a dumbass in your blog post. So in advance please excuse any typeos or misuse of punctuation because I cannot find the comma button on this damn thing...which sucks because I love me some comma action for sure!

So the netbook is dead, (found the comma!) brilliant me brought the wrong adapter for it. Hopefully I can get one today, then I will be able to upload my pretty pictures of French things :) Yesterday was pretty productive. I ate some amazing food, which I will blog about tomorrow on my train ride. Anywho, I literally stumbled upon the Eiffel Tower yesterday. I was walking along (looking for it, mind you), and this enormous, obnoxious metal thing was in my path. I began mumbling to myself til I looked up and realized that I was an absolute moron for complaining that the Eiffel Tower was in my way. It is taller than tall so I chickened out and didnt climb it; I am afraid of heights, I cant help it. Anyways, I decided to walk north of the Tower and stroll along the river for awhile, so I grabbed a bite to eat and went on my way. Two hours later, when I still hadnt found the river, I realized I was actually headed South. I parked my butt on in of the many beautiful parks around me, finally found myself on the map, and decided to call it a day.

Overall I didnt do much. I am sure a lot of people think I am an idiot for not being more interested in the museums and sights of old, but that isnt what I came here for; I came to Paris to eat...thats it...and if I happen to find a lifechanging architectural piece, then it will only enhance the awesomeness of this culinary adventure. As for today, I woke up at 5am which is ridiculous, but it also means I get to pick up fresh baguette as soon as the patisserie next door opens. I have a lot of shopping and eating to get through today, as long as I make sure I dont head south 0:)

Also? I have yet to see ANY game/tech stores anywhere, and all I have seen for anything related is the enor,ous Chinatown Wars ad in the metro.


  1. I think it's awesome that you just went there to eat. That rules.

  2. Ironic that you misspelled "typos." :D Did you do that on purpose, or did it just work out that way?

  3. I hope you're having an amazing time! If you're looking for touristy things to do (and aren't spooked by cemeteries) you should totally go on the Catacombs tour. They're spread out under the city like honeycomb. It's neat!

  4. @ Brian:
    Thanks! Plus, if you do it right, eating can take up almost your whole day!

    @ Jason.:
    :P It was a mistake, but I did warn ya! haha Not to mention my horrifying lack of apostrophes. I did get ahold of an adapter, though, so hopefully no more than my usual.

    @ Donna
    What?! I never heard of that! I wanna do that soo bad! Do you happen to know what area of Paris they are?

  5. Kelly,

    Here's a link with the information and a map of how to get there. If you go, take lots of pictures!