Thursday, April 30, 2009

HFCS I challenge a dual!

Okay. I was just one Twitter and saw a tweet regarding an article about High Fructose Corn Syrup, and how it's "no worse than cane sugar." It is infuriating to me how absolutely pigheaded (ahh Swine Flu!) some individuals can be. They act as though the movement towards a more natural, easily digestible, sweetener is just some craze to victimize the corn industry.

Last week, PepsiCo became the latest manufacturer to turn its
back on America's sweetener, introducing three new soft drinks

Are you kidding me? "America's sweetener?" Are you being for real? Pretty funny since corn didn't even grow in the United States until our pre-colonial people transplanted it here. As time, and the modern businessman, developed we then chose to take advantage of it as a cheap resource on many levels. So no. It's not "America's sweetener," so stop being a douche and realize how stupid you sound.

Our fear of high-fructose corn syrup seems to have arisen from
some very real concerns over the health effects of fructose, one
of its principal components. The ingestion of glucose, another
basic sugar, is known to stimulate the release of body chemicals
that regulate food intake. Fructose, on the other hand, does little
to suppress your appetite, and it seems to be preferentially
associated with the formation of new fat cells. A growing body
of research has led some scientists to wonder whether the increased
consumption of fructose over the past few decades might be
responsible for rising rates of obesity.

You just said that the fructose levels in HFCS are the reason people avoid it...okay. So. What exactly does that prove on the "we're good, eat us!" front? "Oh hey, we are unnatural and are one of the leading causes of obesity!" how far is that really going to get you? I just really do not understand why they even bother fighting it anymore, HFCS is unhealthy and does not taste nearly as good as the real stuff. Your advertisements aren't getting you anywhere (it's difficult to find an original since everybody is spoofing it).

Okay, I'm done. I just had a little nerd-rage I had to get out.


  1. I think that the reason that they called HFCS "America's sweetener" had nothing to do with the ingredients but with the prevalence of HFCS in America and our foods.

  2. Sweet!...your post, of course! :~) Enjoyed your "nerd-rage" and I share the same perspective! Nice meeting you btw! :~)

  3. Worse...I've seen ads AND articles pimping and supporting HFCS in PARENTING magazines!! My head almost exploded the first time I saw that. SO disturbing.

  4. I went to the new walmart and a pepsi rep. was giving out free pepsi throwback and I asked if it was doing well. He said it was doing so well that there is a good chance it is going to stay. I went a bought a 12 pack and I enjoyed it.

  5. Great post, Kelly. Thank you for your supportive comment on my own corn syrup post. There are a lot more of us who don't want corn syrup, which is why the corn syrup industry feels the need to do these public relations advertisements. So glad to find out you care so much about your puppy that you refuse to use pet food with corn products in it. :-)