Saturday, April 11, 2009

First batch of Nintendo DS reviews

I got some really great feedback on my very first video blog. Thanks to everyone who offered their criticism, now I know what to do better next time! Buuut onto more exciting news; Thursday I traded my old laptop for a black DS Lite, 4 DS games, 2 PS3 games, and 3 seasons of Will & Grace (just for kicks). Sounds like a random arrangement, but I did have a mission: to acquire a crimson DS Lite....which was successful after making Jake drive me all over southern Maine to trade in various items. Since then, I have downloaded a bunch of games to the R4, and have been playing the shit out of them, so reviewwwww tiiiime!

Pokemon Pearl: I have had a lot of fun with Pokemon so far, but I am getting a little tired of constantly battling the same two Pokemon over and over. I was really excited because I got my Pokemon up to a level 10 pretty easily and I only lost one battle (since I had already done five in a row and was really down on my HP). The only downside to my entire experience, is that I closed my DS to take a phone call and when I opened it again the screen was frozen, and I had to turn it off. This means I never got to save. Balls.

Neopets Puzzle Adventure: It's unreal how excited I was for this game. I used to devote a LOT of my time to Neopets and still have 400,000 neopoints in my account, so I thought maybe this game would utilize all my favorite Neopets Arcade games. This was not the case, because aside from the boring run-around storyline, I am constantly battling my opponents with my petpets in a coin flipping dual. The dual would be fun if there was ever any change, but there is not. So, unfortunately, I have to say that Neopets Puzzle Adventure is a major disappointment for me.

Hell's Kitchen- The Game: I haven't enjoyed Chef Ramsay's television show Hell's Kitchen since season 2. To me, it's less about cooking and more about expletives, and that just doesn't appeal to me. The video game is equally as unenjoyable. You play as the host, the waiter, and the cook...what the hell? How is that sensible? Also, apparently everyone orders the same thing. The beginning of each level provides you with a recipe, and yet every time you are shaking a bowl of green stuff, and boiling pasta...even when said special is "blood orange terrine" (which btw was not even accurate because it was just a tart). Shut it down, Gordon Ramsay.

Legend of Zelda- Phantom Hourglass: I haven't done a whole lot in this one yet, but I am really excited about it. When I was younger, my brother used to play Zelda on the SNES and I was only ever allowed to watch. This means I am really excited to play a little bit of Zelda on my own. However, it's giving me the craving to scour the interwebs for some old favorite SNES games.

Jake has a bunch of GBA games that I'm gunna try out once I'm less distracted with Phantom Hourglass and Pokemon Pearl, but if anyone has any suggestions for games I should try out I'd love to hear them.

-) (cyclops face)

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