Sunday, April 26, 2009

Keep it bubblin' like a bouillabaisse

Oh, MC Chris. Yesterday started off with room service breakfast..YUM! The woman spoke very fast French so, as per usual, I stood there smiling like an imbecile. This tray was ENORMOUS. There was a basket of fresh pastries, honey, jam, pineapple yogurt, corn flakes, a saucer of milk, a cup with a packet of hot chocolate mix, a carafe of hot milk, orange juice, and a piece of cheese. I chowed down but couldn't finish, though I did pack my remaining pastries in my purse in case I would get hungry on my day's journey to Marseille.

I had read my train ticket wrong, I thought I was catching at the "arrive" time. Oops. Thankfully the French train system is a joke, and just about anyone could walk onto the train without paying. It took about an hour to get to Marseille, and goddamn the metro was different. I had no idea what to do, but apparently I can adapt like a mofo because 3 minutes later I was on the rail to Palais Longchamps. It was a short walk from the station, and goodness gracious was it a sight. There were maybe two people there, and it was about 9am so it was still dewy out. I can't even describe how amazing it was. There were fountains everywhere, and gorgeous statues surrounded by a flowing staircase. Of course, I took the opportunity for a Myspace photoshoot :) Who wouldn't?!
After Longchamps, I headed to Vieux Port, probably the most famous part of Marseille. My grandfather had asked me to find out if a particular bridge still existed there, as it had been blown in half during WWII. I immediately went on the quest, snacking on my leftover croissant on the walk. Come to find out, the bridge was gone, but across the street was Fort St. Nicolas which, like Longchamps, was empty. There was a father and his two children, and a man on a scooter who was really nice and offered to take my picture. I was hesitant, thinking, "Ah! What if he steals my camera and rides away on his scooter?!" and then I replied to myself, "Well I'd probably just blog about it." Oh my selves are so funny. Anyways, I took a seat and looked over the city for awhile and noticed a strange tree in front of me. It had these bulbous things hanging off I broke out my Ka-Bar and cut one open. I'm 98% sure that they were figs, but they were still green so I can't be positive, but yes I was excited.

I wandered around for awhile and eventually found my way to Restaurant Maison Blanche for lunch. I had my first non-spacey French conversation..well kind of. I approached and was greeted by a polite bald man who said something I didn't understand so I replied with (in French): I only speak a little french. He said: Okay? So I asked if he spoke English, and yelled "YES! Okay." when he told me that he did. I accidentally ordered San Pelligrino, but drank it anyways cuz I was hella thirsty, and then ordered a bouillabaisse. I'll explain that part in another post.Anyways, I ate my lunchy lunch (I didn't like it much, but I paid 20 Euro for it so I ate it) and followed it up with Peche Melbe, which was AMAZING (also in next post).

I still had quite a bit of time to spare, so I might shorten my Nimes trip a bit.

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