Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Would you kindly suggest something new?

Okay, I just beat Bioshock. I was so close to the end that I should have just finished it last time, but oh well. For the past two days, my internet has been for shit, so I had thought that in order to curb my all-consuming frustration, I would get my Rapture on and eff up some bitches. Except that I had left myself at one of the most frustrating parts, and was therefore still incredibly frustrated. At least the boss battle wasn't as hard as I expected, (although I was playing on the easiest difficulty), but thank goodness it wasn't as disappointing as the final battle of Fable 2 (which I'm still pouting about, btw).

So now what? The game that has been consuming my soul as of late is complete, and unlike Fable 2 I can't go back in and complete side-quests...so now what?


  1. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows was actually kind of fun. Sort of a super-hero game mixed with a survival horror "Dawn of the Dead" kind of scenario. There were some play control issues that I had on my 360, but those may just be quirks of mine.

  2. I suggest Fallout 3. That or Skate 2 ;-)

    But, as I said on Twitter, if you liked Bioshock and Oblivion then I think you'll enjoy Fallout 3.

    I look forward to hearing about your post-apocalyptic adventures!