Friday, April 17, 2009

You would, Pepsi, you really would...

For those who haven't heard, Pepsi is releasing two "throwback" editions of the popular sodas Mountain Dew and (of course) Pepsi. This means that instead of using high fructose corn syrup, the company will be adding cane sugar as the sweetener. Why is this awesome? Because the human body cannot properly digest corn. We put it into everything because it's easy to grow and cheap to produce, but it is not particularly good for our bodies. HFCS is a man made product that the body uses differently than white sugar, and is one of the reasons why America has such an obesity problem (aside from self control and affordabilty of cheaper, less healthy foods). But back to the awesomeness that is the temporary alteration of American sweeteners. Frickin' score, right?! Finally, my sweet tooth will be greeted by something at least a little bit natural. I can see my mouth's dialog now:

Mouth: OMFG who the heck are you?
Pepsi Throwback: I'm a super tasty beverage, and I'm here to show you that not all soda is evil!
Mouth: You are amazing, I <3 you. Plz stay forever.

Anyways...I have been on the edge of my seat since I first heard about this product on Diggnation a few weeks ago, and have been constantly checking for any updates its glorious premiere. And then I found it. The release date. Pepsi plans to sell Throwback nation wide for an 8 week span of time starting...guess when...April 20.

That's right! My long awaited dream of taste-bud heaven is scheduled THE DAY I leave for FRANCE. Why, I ask you? Because the Cosmos wants me to suffer. Yes, it is an 8 week period, so I will eventually be able to consume it, but I will be short one whole week of enjoyment. I would totally trade my trip to France for the chance to taste of such a beverage. That's a total lie, there's no way in Rapture I would miss out on this trip. Pepsi Throwback, you shall have to wait.


  1. You need to ask a friend to stock up on some while you're gone!

  2. I have seriously been waiting for this since I have heard it on Diggnation as well. Its been a painful wait, too. I had sugarcane pepsi in mexico and its awesome. BTW I am pretty sure Europe has sugarcane pepsi, so you won't miss out.