Monday, May 25, 2009

If I'm a mad scientist, I'll need a hunchbacked assistant.

Have I mentioned how much I adore ice cream? More than likely. And if you haven't caught on, I kinda like cooking. Maybe just a little. So, it's no real wonder that I would begin crafting my own icy deliciousness...which is exactly what I have done.

I don't really know what I want to do with cooking as a career. Ideally, I would like to be a mad scientist, experimenting with recipes and then...on the day where I reach success...the sky would become dark, lightening would strike and I would lift my crazy goggles, maniacally shouting, "MAHAHAHAHAH!!" Buuut I kinda doubt that I would be able to reach that state of madness, so I might have to stick with playing around with recipes until I find the perfect ice cream.

Last week I started my experimentation with strawberry. I found an empty notebook (which is automatically dubbed my brainstorm book anytime I find one) and began writing down notes on common chemical reactions in ice creams, and interesting facts. For example, heavy cream smooths out the ice cream, while too much sugar hardens it. Also, adding alcohol to the ice cream prevents the formation of large ice crystals. Intriguing, no? Knowing these little scientific tidbits make it easier to alter aspects of a recipe because you know the purpose of everything you're adding. My first batch of strawberry wasn't disgusting by any means, but it also did not taste like quality ice cream. With some minor alterations, my overhardened, heavy cream with slight strawberry essence ice cream became an explosion of berries with the perfect consistency (which was perfect when eaten on the beach).

(Bob feeding Jake my delicious strawberry ice cream)

My next attempt is going to be chocolate orange cookie dough. I had made chocolate orange biscotti, and I figured why just do chocolate chip cookie dough? Why not add something more to it, and make it a little different and pretty darn original? Uniquity is rare lately, or so it seems, so I feel compelled to brake the proverbial mold and kick yo tastebuds with my spectacular ice cream goodness. Wish me luck :)

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