Monday, May 4, 2009

One trip, two trip

It's like I have not been able to stay put for two weeks. After being home from France for two days, I was on the road again on my way to Greenville, ME for a long weekend at Mooshead Lake with my family. My parents, a couple of the most generous people I have met, paid for the entire weekend. In return, Jake and I volunteered to make dinners and breakfasts while up there. The trip up was long, but familiar to me. This was Jake's first Moosehead experience, so I spent most of the ride up narrating the little things that entertained me in my youth.

After the routine stops in Augusta and Newport, we made it to Greenville. We stocked up on groceries and headed to Somerset cabin at Wilson's. Once we got there, Jake and I decided to walk the across the dam and skip rocks on the little beach nearby. I failed miserably, but it was still fun to try and see who could get the most (it was Jake with 10 btw). We realized we had forgotten to bring toothbrushes, so we drove back into to Indian Hill Store. Sounds like an everyday ordinary trip right? Well it would have been, had we not seen a young moose on our way back. Moosehead/moose...sounds normal? Except that my family and I had been going to Moosehead for YEARS and NEVER saw a moose. It was huge, and we decided to brag about it upon returning to camp.

Dinner was a hit. I prepared a Cesar salad while Jake grilled steak that had been marinating while we were gone. The recipe for this delicious marinade is as follows:

Beane's Steak
1 can Pepsi
1 cup Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce
1 cup Italian salad dressing
Strip steak

It is heavenly. We followed it up with s'mores in the wood stove on sticks that Jake and I had spent the afternoon whittling with my Ka-Bar. Mine was more like a spear than a marshmallow stick, but it got the job done.

After dinner was all taken care of, we broke out our pennies and started a solid game of Tripoley. Like Moosehead, Tripoley has been in my family since I was in about first grade. Instead of poker chips, we play with pennies. I have always wanted to bring it into the game night atmosphere, and it looks like I might finally have my way...seeing as after the game Jake immediately stated, "We are getting this game for the new apartment." To which I stated "Yes, please :)" I have this great plan, though, that instead of using money or chips, we each have a separate candy as our currency. That way, in the end, you have a smorgasbord of sugary goodness :D

Does anyone else have camping traditions that they do with their families?

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