Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plants vs Zombies

From the brilliant minds of Peggle and Bejeweled comes an exciting new "fun-dead" adventure with death, carnage, and...photosynthesis?

At its roots (heh) Plants vs Zombies is a downloadable tower defense game. It is literally how it sounds; a battle between plants and zombies. You have several packets of seeds, and are allowed to choose 6 of them to form your army. Only one plant can be selected at a time, and it the increments are all dependent on sunlight. As the sunlight increases, you are able to plant more of your seeds to battle the horde of zombies making their way toward your lovely home."How do I get sunlight in a zombie apocalypse!?" You may be asking in a desperate, shaky voice. Well, sunflowers produce sunlight, so it's a good idea to have quite a few of them planted. Each plant has it's own set of abilities, (whether it be shooting, defense, or explosives) allowing you to strategize your grid. "What do I get when I beat down the undead mofos?" You ask, with a bit more confidence (even though we all know you probably peed your pants). Well, you are lucky enough to not be dead. Oh, and occasionally when you win a level, you are given a new type of seed to choose from at the beginning of your next battle. I guess that's pretty handy.

Not every level is the same, though. Popcap did a good job of mixing it up with occasional bowling levels, or more fast-paced ones requiring you to plant whatever they give you as the horde limps across your front lawn. With all the intensity of Left 4 Dead and other serious zombie games, it is nice to find a game makes them a little more cute. At least you'll be saying "awww" when they come to eat your face.

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  1. Oh my gods...I have to d/l this! My daughters and I were addicted to that garden game from popcap a few summers ago. LOL