Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teenage Wasteland.

Apparently I have a problem with games that actually take some time and develop a story. Which I think is pretty unfortunate, but no matter how hard I try, I just can't get over it. A few months ago I bought Oblivion because I had heard that it was so addicting it would take over my life. The first night, I played for about six hours and loved an extent. I only played about two more until I just decided it took too long for me to travel/explore, and I was so frustrated with my lack of fighting experience that I just stopped playing. Yes, you can fast travel...but only to places you've already explored; yes, the opponents skill is based on your characters level, but when you have seven people after you it just sucks.

I tend to wonder if my dilemma is moreso based on the fact that I am still a pretty inexperienced gamer because I am having the same problem with Fallout 3. The vault was fun, and I was starting to think I'd really enjoy the game, but once I escaped it was like I was right back in Oblivion...wandering around without any idea what was happening. I have seen people play enough to know that you can get into Washington, DC, rather than just waiting it out in the Wasteland. I think it would be a lot more fun for me once I get there and see my least favorite place on Earth destroyed by the apocalypse. Buuuut I know that I have to go through the motions and follow the story until I get to that point in the game. As much as it kills me.

What I really want is to find a game that moved me like Fable II. That was my problem for a good three months, and then I started Bioshock. I want to play games that give me that same feeling of frustration matched with equal parts pride and enjoyment. I just think I might have to go through a lot of video games before I find that feeling again.


  1. You're not alone with Fallout 3, though in my case I quit because I'm a pussy. I steadfastly forced myself to play 4 days in a row (guilt cuz hubby shelled out $60) but had to quit due to nightmares. :/

  2. Ughh I know. I coerced the BF into buying the collector's edition with the bobble head and lunchbox, and I can't get myself to play through it. Blahh I'm sure it would cause nightmares too! Creepy-ass mofos would invade my dreams too if I played that much!