Saturday, June 13, 2009

Detox without Patrick Stump

So it seems that my mom has recently gotten into the whole sustainability, local, organic food trend. I've been a wannabe on that bandwagon ever since I first discovered farmer's markets two years ago. My main problems have been (1) that I never have cash on me to spend at such events (2) that it's a lot more difficult for me to develop an entirely new eating habit by myself and (3) I tend to take the easy way out when it comes to food. It's a lot more exciting for me now, knowing that my mom is a part of it, and that I will have at least one person that will understand when I go on a rant about HFCS or rave about grass-fed beef. Trying to get in shape and have an overall more healthy, natural eating regiment have been major goals of mine for the summer, so when my mom referred me to Clean Up Your Diet by Max Tomlinson I thought a detox might be exactly what I need to get into a good eating regamine.

Jake and I have decided to start with "The Weekend Detox Plan." Step 1 of this plan is the "preparation." We have been preparing by making sure we both drink 2 to 2.5 pitchers of water during our 8 hour shifts. I tend to be incredibly dehydrated, so this has helped me a lot already. Together, we also cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer, and got rid of the sweets and less healthy things we had accumuliated (mainly all the expired foods), and cleaned the kitchen to make it easier for our minds to focus on our new eating goals. The book explains that properly detoxing is more than just eating the right things, it is about maintaining the right state of mind as well.

I'm hoping to have some time throughout the next few days to post about our menues and the journey to eating a bit better, and living healthier (which will more than likely be spread between posts about video games and hopefully a podcast :D!!!). I would greatly appreciate any advice you might have about sustainability, slow food, local products, and/or detoxing in general :) (that means you too, mum!)


  1. Thats weird because Jess and I started doing the same thing, except the detox. We cleaned out our fridge, no more processed food, no eating out. Lots of fresh fruit. Just with using the Lost It app on the iphone and iPod I have counted my calories and have lost around 4lbs this week. Pretty amazing.

  2. Hey Kel, I've lost 5 lbs. since last Friday! I really think that being more mindful about my eating, sitting at the table to eat, reducing the stress and getting rid of the caffeine has been a big influence. Keep spreading the word! I'm going to my first Farmer's Market today, right here in town. -your mum

  3. Congrats mom! That's so awesome. Definitely let me know how the Farmer's Market went...I'm curious to know what they have for products. The one in Portland seemed to only be selling plants so far. And good for Stever for making little changes too ;)