Thursday, June 25, 2009

Food And Videogame Adventurists EP. #1

So Jake, Jason, and I have begun doing a podcast. Why FAVA? Because it's a clever acronym, and fava beans are in pods...podcast...get it? I know, it's genius. For the first episode, I had the horrible idea of capturing an entire game of Left 4 Dead via capture card, and narrating with the episode's content. Why, self?! In addition to the capture card glitching and neglecting to record half of the game, Jason's in-game audio failed to line up for most of the episode. ALSO, since the video was over 30 gigs, we were forced to edit it here on Windows Movie Maker as opposed to at Jason's with a significantly better program. We will just say that WMM was no help, because we were not able to edit the audio without it effecting the video itself. All in all, this first episode was a learning experience, but we guarantee that future episodes will not be of this caliber. Also, my zombie cookies animated .gif refused to cooperate so we also lack opening credits :(

FAVA episode 1 from Kelly Arsenault on Vimeo.

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