Friday, June 19, 2009

Since Follow Friday is getting lengthy

I'm starting to get annoyed with lengthy #followfridays so I decided to put my regulars in this here blog. I tried to organize them by category, though you have to realize that these people have multitudes of interests, and may fit into more than one category. For instance, some geeky ladies may also be fantastic foodies, but to save space I have to pick one :X. I hope you guys at least take the time to read their feeds, because they are funny and they make my interwebs experience delightful :)

Ladies that happen to be as nerdy as me:
I don't recall exactly how I came across her feed, but she is a hilarious geek-mom whose gaming opinions are very similar to mine it seems. I love reading her blog, and I hope I can be as technologically informed if I ever become a mom.

Another awesome geek-mom with inspirational stories and creative ideas. Her blog also inhabits my Most Visited bar on Firefox :) She is where I discovered the awesomeness Thursday Tea!

Nerdy, gorgeous, and kind, what else do you really need? Ohh, and her adorable foster kittens really didn't hurt my attention span any ;)

Silly girl with hilarious tweets and tales of her life and her two cute "monkeys."

Female geek activist, helping show that not all nerds that are female are slutty attention whores. Often representing @entearth, she definitely knows her stuff :) Any gal with the guts to have Felicia Day sign her cleavage is rockin' in my book!

Badass Foodies:
Kickin' website with awesome recipes. Still hoping to maybe have my ice cream selected *fingers crossed*

I absolutely love her blog. It makes me want to stay home and cook alllll day long. I wish I was capable of the things she does. I can't look at her tweets without a rumblin' in my belly.

The first food blogger I ever came across. Such a funny blog entries by "foodgoat" and "ladygoat" with word about food, life, and their "goatspawn."

Hilarious foodie guy. I usually can't read his tweets without literally LOL-ing.

I discovered her through an Ice Cream Social contest that she was hosting with some other foodie blogs. I love the things she posts about, and her tweets are always interesting

Pretty rad dudes (my fave nerd bros):
Pretty much the raddest. My boyfriend who happens to have almost every video game console and therefore is also my best friend. Pretty much tweets about music, video games, and tech stuff.

Funny guy who you could say is a little bit into comics ;) Really amusing tweets, but might be changing his name soon :(


I may have made him buy Left 4 Dead, but he sure can kick my ass at Halo3 if I give him the chance. Usually talks about skateboarding and games, with some interesting updates on his once-broken-leg :P

Marvel comics super-guy. His blog hates to load on my G1, but it's usually worth waiting to look at once I get home. Histwitter convos with @geekgirldiva are pretty amusing.

This guy is awesome. End of story. View his blog, follow his tweets, and you'll agree.

My Local Tweeps
So, not only does this guy have a big fat superlove for Joss Whedon like I do, but he was also the very first person to ever come to one of my Tweetups. He's a nice, funny person that all should follow.

The dearest of dears and maybe even of deers...

(I have SO many people to add to this, but I will need to do it over time! Sorry if you're not on yet..)

Celebs I find worth following:
They all happen to be actors/actresses from Buffy
@AlyDenisof (Alyson Hannigan)
@ElizaPatricia (Eliza Dushku)
@Clareberry (Clare Kramer)

And of course:
If you don't watch Totally Rad Show on Revision3, you must. It's awesome and hilarious. I get so girly and excited any time Dan Trachtenberg @ replies me XD (which has been twice so far).

My friends IRL:
Portrait master, zombie slayer, and future rock climbing extraordinaire

My roommate and BFF. She is the Faith to my Buffy, and a pretty witty gal. Often mistaken as a scene kid, she is a total badass.


  1. I hear @batmanobviously is like the coolest person ever. So cool if he were a small child from an impoverished country, Angelina Jolie and Madonna would get in a knife fight over him.

  2. No wonder my email blew up with follow notices this weekend! Thanks for the mention.

    But now I have this LOLable hype to live up to. Oh no. Think of something funny, think of something funny. Shit.

  3. I also, i mean...follow Nathan Fillian :)

    I love that you put all your FF in a blog entry. I should do such

    (and thanks for the geeky shout-out ;))

  4. Thanks much! This is a nice idea and I appreciate the recomendation :)