Thursday, June 11, 2009

Six More Must-See Internet Videos

Grape Lady Fail
One of my favorite videos. Whenever I hurt myself I mimic her pain noise, but no one seems to get the reference. Now you all will :)

I Watch You All the Time
I quote this a lot, but people always think I'm creepy rather than quoting haha.

Bill O'Reilly Flipping Out
Pretty much here to preface the next video.

Bill O'Reilly's Producer
This takes a funny video and makes it absolutely HILARIOUS.

Geek vs Fable II
I didn't find this video until today, but I LOVE it. I thought it was so I'm a big softy for anything regarding Fable II.

Goat Yelling Like a Man
I thought of this the other day when Zoey coughed like a human being. It was so creepy.

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