Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Migis Lodge

I met with my boss yesterday in attempt to show him how seriously I take my job. I have been busting my butt tweeting for @blackpointinn (even if I haven't been doing as well as the professionals) and wanted to show him the patterns I have followed as well as the results of said patterns. I brought graphs from TwitterGrader, Trendrr, and TwitStats...all prepared to talk business. Until I heard "What are our goals for using Twitter?" Huh? Goals? What? Crap. I've never been too good at those. I know what I want to achieve, but putting it in writing has always been a bit on the difficult side for me, but I NEED to put myself to it. We came up with a few, talked a bit more business, before my BEST BOSS EVER said, "Want to go to Migis Lodge for a night?" Umm..WHAT?! I said "sure," knowing that I would have to scamper back to the parking lot and figure out what to do with the recently-ill puppy while Jake and I took this once in a blue moon offer.

We made a few calls and set everything up to have Zoey cared for, and were on our way. I left an extensive note (which was probably overwritten), portioned out the food we have to start giving her, left careful instructions, took her for a long walk around the neighborhood, and said goodbye. Jake and I had to stop at Goodwill to get him a sport coat, as it is required when dining at Migis. We found a verrryyy sharp looking suit for $5, stopped at Walgreens for some makeup, and by 5:00pm we were pulling into the parking lot.

Everyone was SO nice. They knew who I was as soon as I stepped up to the counter...it blew my mind. In fact, the entire stay we never had to introduce ourselves as everyone already knew who we were. Our cottage was "Canoe" and Dear. Lord. It was gorgeous. We walked in to see the enooormous living room with a fireplace, walls of book shelves (with books ON them), a leather chair, couch, mini-fridge, desk, the works. The fireplace even had everything all set, so all we had to do was light a match and we were good to go!

Dinner was exceptional. We got all dressed up, Jake in his $5 suit, and me in my grandmother's dress. She had it when she was my age, and it fits me SO perfectly that it's almost eerie.


Icy Cranberry Shrub
Honestly, I have never heard of a "shrub" like this before! I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to eat it...spoon? sip it? IDK! I finally chose to sip it, and used a spoon once I reached the bottom. It tasted incredible. It was like cranberry heaven. Coulda been the sorbet-ish scoop of goodness floating in the delectable juicey awesomeness that won my heart <3>

Stuffed Clam
I don't like clam, but I liked what I had of these. Jake's complaint was that they weren't clammy enough, but I thought that was fine :P

(I didn't get to take pictures of this course because we scarfed it down so fast)

Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo
Ehh...I've never had real gumbo before, so I am always so skeptical of it. Overall, I thought it was good soup. Nuff said.

This was this first time Jake or I had ever had gazpacho. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but he LOVED it. I don't think I have ever seen him so happy about a meal. Unfortunately, someone came by and cleared our dishes as he was eating, and he didn't get to finish. Talk about a super-pout.

Mixed Green Salad with House Dressing
It was okay that I was "eh" about this salad because it wasn't mine. It was very basic and I didn't think the dressing had much flavor, but Jake thought it was awesome and that's all that mattered.

Boston Bibb Lettuce with Lemon-Dijon Dressing
OMG. I loved this salad. It was bibb lettuce with tomatos, apples, pecans, and a sweet, delicious dressing. Goodness, I'm practically drooling.


Roasted Lamb with Asparagus
The lamb had a mint pan-sauce which complimented well with whatever they did to the onions the lamb was served with. I have no idea what they did to them, but it was fantastic. The meat itself was well-done...not well as in good, but well as in temperature. To some, this would be an abomination, but I thought it was fine. While I much prefer the flavor of a medium lamb, I don't like to spend 1/2 hr chewing my food, so well was fine and dandy. The asparagus was tasty as well, though I paid little attention to the rice it was served with.

Ravioli with Roasted Vegetables
Upon first sight, I thought maybe they got Jake's order wrong. There was a mound of grilled vegetables on top of his plate, and it was about 10 minutes before he finally reached the pasta, itself. I thought the vegetables and sauce were great, but I had a bit of an issue with the dish. It wasn't ravioli...it was tortelini. Yeah, okay, stuffed pasta is stuffed pasta, but if something is advertised as ravioli, I expect that to be on the plate. Or at least to have been informed that the pasta had run out, and would tortelini be okay instead? That's just my needy griping, though. Maybe it wouldn't have bothered other people.


Profiteroles with Chocolate Mint Ice Cream
While Jake wouldn't allow me to order the chocolate mint ice cream for myself (allergy) he was nice enough to share his with me :) Good thing, because chocolate mint is probably my favoritest flavor in the history of EVER. It was heart-stopping, fantastically amazing ice cream. Just sayin'

Cherry Chip, Yellow Brick Road, and Coffee Ice Creams
I won't lie, I got the cherry chip just to see how it compared to mine. While theirs wasn't as cherry-licious as mine, they did get it right by putting chunks of cherries in the ice cream...something I failed to do. Notes for next time ;). Yellow Brick Road was vanilla ice cream with caramel swirl and it was hella tasty, and the coffee went very well with the other two believe it or not. It was the bottom scoop so I got to it last, but I thought it was great.

Although it was very tasty (despite the absolute allergy attack I had later due to an OD of chocolate in said dessert) it was not what I expected as a Tiramisu. I'd say they took a little creative license, which is much appreciated with a classic dessert. We had to bring it back to the cottage with us for later because we were wayyyy too stuffed to eat it when we ordered it.

It was so great being able to start a fire and sit in silence. Pure silence. I didn't remember that silence like that existed. There are usually always airplanes, barking, crying, yelling, whining, even just water running or pans sizzling. But this was just 100% silence. It was fantastic.

Not only did we get dinner, but we had breakfast as well! They had an a la carte menu as well as a buffet. I ordered the Eggs Benedict (obviously...I'll eat just about anything with Hollandaise
slathered on it) and mooched off the buffet as well. We got a tour of the kitchen, and were almost coerced into staying for lunch...but adult responsibility took over and we realized we should probably forego the lobster sandwiches for quality puppy time instead.

Would I recommend this place? For sure. Did I love dressing up all pretty-like? Definitely. Would I trade my puppy for another night there? Probably not.

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