Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Smoothies with Jason Bosch

Jason Bosch of Floboski Films will be guest blogging for Byte Size each week (hopefully!) to bring you Sunday Smoothies! A tasty way to keep healthy and NOT hungry :) You can follow Jason on Twitter.

So for today's recipe I decided to go with an Apple-Kiwi Smoothie. We all know that this equals a delicious combination, so I won't brag about how awesome its going to be.

This is what you will need.

- 1 small green apple [~53 Calories]
- 1 kiwifruit [~46 Calories]
- Half a cup of strawberries [~25 Calories]
- 1 Strawberry Dannon yogurt [60 Calories]
- 1/3 cup apple juice [40 Calories]

Total Calories - 224

In order to make this smoothie you will need to peel and cut the apples and kiwis into chunks. Take the tops off the strawberries and slice them. Throw the fruit into a blender with the remaining ingredients. Mix, have an apple-kiwi smoothie.

You can change this recipe any way you want, as well. I use the Dannon yogurt that comes in a 6 pack. They are small and contain only 60 calories, which is perfect. By mixing these three fruits together, it gives you a great energy boost, so its great for early mornings.

Just as a side note, this recipe can easily be broken up into two servings, so divide those calories in half and let a friend in on the secret...if its even a secret.

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