Sunday, August 2, 2009

FAVA episode 3!

Where are Episodes 1 and 2 you ask? Well, as with Star Wars, they just weren't up to par...but unlike the movie industry we know when to count our losses. Yeah, sure, episode 3 wasn't that great, but I'm pretty sure Anakin rolling around in molten whatsit was far more badass than anything that CG asshole Jar Jar Binks ever did. Just sayin'. Well...anyways...Episode 3! I finally came up with the most brilliant of plans, even if it was with a little guidance from all you folks out in the interwebs ;) . I took the .wmv file that the Flip HD editing program had created, dragged it into Windows Media Player, and compressed it to 500mb. BAM! Goes the la-dy...all complete, all gorgeous, all 100% FAVA-licious.

So to enjoy our third official, first completed episode...check out The Official FAVA Blog for more! TELL US WHAT YOU THINK :) :) :)

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