Thursday, October 22, 2009

I will not pay for my apps, thank you.

I don't see the point in paying for 3rd party apps on the iPhone. I don't care if they're only $0.99....I'm not doing it. That is $0.99 that can go in my gas tank, or to groceries, or to me, games and other "media outlets" on my cellular device are not the priority. However, that does not mean that I spend my fair share of time playing games. First of all, apps don't cost money all the time. For example, I got Peter Und Vlad for free (normally $1.99) because there was one day where it was free until midnight. Umm..hello? Why ever pay for a game when you can just wait for it to go on "sale." Because sure, it might only be $0.99...but how much money does that mean you're spending when you have say 10...15 apps? That's lunch at a nice restaurant. What if you have a couple pages of apps? Like..25..50...that's half your monthly phone bill! So don't dismiss the free games, because they aren't always as lame as you might think.

Okay, deep dark secret time...(although I've probably already spilled the beans on this one) I was a very, very avid Neopets member for a great number of years. I have an account that still has 175,000NP, and every once in awhile I sign back i
n for a little Meerca Chase or Dubloon Disaster. They are fun games, and no one in their right mind can deny that. Line-up is basically the equivalent of Neopet's "Destruct-o Match." Basically, lines of blocks emerge from the bottom of the screen, and as like colors gather together you blast them away by tapping them. The catch to Line-Up is that you only have 100 taps before your game is you have to tap wisely to accumulate a higher amount of points...BUT! Once you reach 1,000 your taps reset back to 100 and you can keep going. This game is so addicting and although it doesn't earn me Neopoints or achievements, it's still a blast.


Flood-It is actually made by the same people as Line-Up and is more of a brain puzzle. You start with a cube filled with different colored blocks. Beginning with the top-left corner, you switch the color of the blocks to try and make the whole cube one solid color. Again, they love their catches, you have to complete the transformation in 22 moves. Although quite addicting, this game can get frustrating when you lose like 15 times in a row.

Katamari Lite
That's right folks, Katamari has come to the iPhone! While the full game does cost money, the Lite version is available for free. Not much explaining needed...the Tiny Prince is at it again, rolling up everything in sight. However, even though there isn't much complexity to Katamari anyways, the Lite version only allows you to explore 1 playing it's not really a game that I'd like to sit and play over and over.

Word puzzles at their finest right here. Not only is this game free, but it also allows you to play online with other players! It's literally a word scramble. You are provided with a series of letters, and you are allotted a specific amount of time to solve the puzzle (which hopefully takes less time than the people you're playing). It's really fun, and also keeps you on your toes (or on your fingers? idk.).

Critter Crunch Lite
Oh. My. Tasty Critter Goodness. This game takes everything horrible about a Lite game and completely abolishes it. For real. While Katamari Lite was fun until you reached the cap....Critter-Crunch Lite has no foreseeable cap on the game, and as you keep playing it unlocks different play-modes. AND I saw on Kotaku the other day that they are also releasing this game for the PS3! I am really excited about it, and also quite happy that a game has finally come along and broken the mold for Lite games.

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