Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The whole "New Year's" thing

I've never really been one for "New Year's Resolutions." I think that I should constantly be reflecting, assessing, and creating goals throughout my life and not just once a year. While I already have some goals that I have set in motion for this coming year, I am going to follow Tina's example and write them down...that way I not only have people around to keep me to them, but I also can mark things off as I accomplish them!

Oddly, she had a lot of the same goals I did...so don't think I'm a copy cat! We're just both nerdy chicks who like food and want to explore the world, okay? Okay. I encourage you to create your own goals...not in honor of this brand new year (which we are going to have in another 365 days anyways, so I don't really get what makes it so special...) but in order to challenge yourself. Is a year not enough time? Make a bucket list or something...those are fun too...gives you your whole life as a time frame, but try not to make that an excuse to procrastinate ;)

With that! This year I plan to:

In regards to Travel:
Cruise the Eastern Caribbean
Hike the E1 Long Distance Trail
Begin WWOOFing
Host & be the guest of at least 1 couchsurfing experience

In regards to Blogging:
Develop more unique ice creams for Ice Cream Alchemy over the summer
Create Veni, Vidi, Edi; a travel blog for whenever I'm away
Share my cooking and eating experiences more here at Byte Size
Experience more video games and contribute more video blogs about them

In regards to Health:
Visit a doctor
Begin doing yoga and meditation
Eat more macrobiotic food

In regards to Finances:
Complete my current lease
Pay off my credit cards
Maintain a long term savings plan

Now we just see how much of that I will actually achieve :-P


My puppy is one year old today :)

April 2009 (Zoey...then called "Madison"...at 3 months)

January 5, 2010 (Zoey at 1 year)


  1. Happy Birthday Zoey!!!

    Haha, we, nerdy chicks rock BD!!

    But your right, we make new year sound like such a big thing, when it's there every year anyway :P. It's like a good excuse to put off stuff. I use to do it weekly even "hmm.. it's wednesday, okay I'll start next week on monday"

    There's this lovely macrobiotic place in amsterdam that I visited a couple of times last year and you absolutely MUST go there if you come to Amsterdam! I think macrobiotics is really cool, if I wasn't raw, I'd be doing macrobiotics - it makes sense to me and it's goddamn tasty! (Speaking from the experience I had at that restaurant)

    Yay for wooffing and couchsurfing! Maybe I could be your couchsurfguest :P, then that's one goal down and i'll have at least one concrete plan of what I'm doing next year (cause I'm still in the dreaming up phase of the planning, hehe)


    P.S. ugh... must save money too... goddamn brokeness..

  2. It would be so awesome if you would be our couchguest! Only Portland, Maine is totally dull and there are much more awesome places to go in America! Unless you plan on going across the country...in that case Portland, Maine is literally the best place to start :D

    Is it hard being on a raw diet? I made an amazing raw chocolate cake once but it took forever haha

  3. Aww, your puppy's b'day is the same as my twins! :) They're 13 now. Eeek.

    I feel the same about NY Resolutions. Life kind of demands you re-examine frequently & make new goals & plans accordingly.

    What's the E1 trail? Nevermind - i know how to use Google... (I was just curious b/c we have long distance trails in our plans for this year & future ones)

  4. Awww your twins are finally teens! Though I'm sure you're already familiar with the joys of parenting teens from your eldest haha.

    As I'm sure you've already discovered...the E1 is the long distance trail from Sweden to Italy...we're hoping to jump on in Germany, though. What long distance trail are you thinkin? Have you done the Appalachian yet?