Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ice Cream Alchemy

For those who don't already follow my ice cream blog, Ice Cream Alchemy, I wanted to point you in that direction. I just posted for the first time we know I take a lot of time in between posts and this happens to be one of those instances. However, there is a new one surrounding a new original recipe! Feel free to check it out, try it out, leave some know the drill. If you would like, you can also follow my future posts by subscribing to my RSS Feed or by following it at the very bottom like so many of you have done here. Thanks so much for your support, folks, you. Are. Fabulous.

In addition, I have been entered into a contest to have one of my ice cream flavors published! Like in a BOOK. Please click on the button below and rate my recipe...I would be eternally grateful! PLUS, if my recipe is published, I plan on giving away the book on this very blog! So! Voting for me could very well benefit you as well. Thanks everyone!

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