Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to Plan a Cross-Continental Adventure pt. 2

Alright, so last HPCCA post was dedicated to finding out where you are going to sleep, but this section is going to be primarily about the different types of traveling you may do. Keep in mind, this is not the full list of ways you can travel, this is actually just a small portion of the several options and combinations. Find your method, and work from there...everyone has their own style! Please note: It is not my intention to stereotype, pigeon-hole, or offend anyone. This is simply a fun exercise to help you figure out what style of traveling suites you best. It is very likely that you will find a combination of these methods to be the most suitable for you!

The Wine & Diner: You will want to be traveling to be on vacation. While you may still be on a budget, the money you do spend will be on good food, and tourism. You don't so much care about staying in the best hotel in town, as much as you enjoy the comfort of knowing you have a reservation awaiting you when you arrive...and a continental breakfast just happens to be a plus. Your main transportation will probably be guided tours, or walking to places you'd like to see. resources you should use:,, and tourism guides

The Hostel Hopper: You will likely be traveling alone or with a close friend. You don't mind sharing your sleeping quarters as you do not intend to be staying in your room for long. It is likely that you will be spending from dawn til dusk exploring the city you are in. You look forward to meeting other travelers from all over the world, and making new friends. The funds you have brought will probably be spent on the metro, going out with your new friends, and maybe on some snacks, but nothing major. resources you should use:,, guides for public transportation

The Backpacker: It is likely that the only things you have brought with you are your backpack, and a smaller pack. You intend to sleep wherever you can, hostels, with friends you may have met throughout your travels, hotels if need be, and trains. You have a large itinerary, and perhaps not a lot of time to reach these places, so you spend as much time as you can seeing the sights, learning about the cities, and taking photographs. Since a lot of your finances will be devoted to transportation, you eat mostly at food carts, farmer's markets, fast food chains, and vending machines. resources you should use:,,,,

The Hiker: The only things you have brought are what you can carry on your back. You intend to walk most everywhere, and hitchhike if need be. You are likely on your journey for the primary reason of exploration. Your main food sources are probably a combination of protein bars or "camping food" that you have brought with you, farmer's markets, foraging, or freegan networking. You mostly sleep in a tent using bivouacking methods, and treat the environment with respect. resources you should use: (the forums), trail guides,,

The WWOOFer:  Your main interest is immersing yourself in the life and culture or the places you travel. Physical labor does not bother you, especially if it means you will have food and shelter in return. You likely have an interest in food, the environment, and/or language, and have no problems staying in one place for a few weeks at a time. You don't have much money as your expenses are minimal, and you cherish the connections you make with your hosts. resources you should use:,

There are many other resources out there, these are simply a starting point. Google, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves all you want because there are constantly new websites out there that will help you plan your journey. 

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