Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kickstart My Heart

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Which, in a way, makes it kind of funny when you look at the breakfast options most people gravitate to. You'd think for the most important meal more people would choose something that will do the body good- like fruit, vegetables, something hearty with whole grains. Instead, many people pump themselves full of sugar, carbs, and caffeine first thing in the morning: cereal with the words "frosted" or "fruity" when there is literally no fruit in it, croissants, danish, donuts, homefries, hashbrowns, bagels, coffee, latte, might as well just wake up to a chocolate bar, a potato, and a cup of simple syrup, right?

I'm no better than the average bear, mind you. The opening paragraph was more of an epiphany than a lecture, because the main point of this post is about something delicious I made yesterday. Vegan cinnamon buns. This is a classic example of the "just because it's vegan doesn't mean it's good for you" rule. These puppies (awww) are full of sugar, "butter," flour, and absolutely drool inducing deliciousness. Just please, PLEASE understand that these are horribly unhealthy and more like a dessert than a breakfast item. My recommendation is a heaping bowl of fresh (or once frozen is fine too!) seasonal fruit with a piece of multigrain toast.

I wanted to figure out how easy this recipe was because I plan to use a loose interpretation of it when I eventually open my vegan ice cream cafe. I want to have cinnamon buns, scones, and the rest of those marvelous, heart stopping pastries. However, I want them to be simple to make and still as healthy as butter-soaked-sugar-bread can be. This recipe is absolutely brilliant. It is easy to follow, organized, and pretty much holds your hand the whole time. I found it at VeganYumYum (there's an app for that!) and demand everyone reading this to check it out. These do not "taste vegan" like a lot of mock recipes do. They are so rich and filling that you are likely to think that your mouth somehow detached from your body, went to heaven, and came back to share its findings with you.

If you have even a fraction of the sweet tooth I have, you should give this recipe a try. I'm not posting the recipe here as it will do no justice- Please check out the VeganYumYum website for the full recipe.

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