Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Steady Climb

We truly are fast approaching take off. "The Plan" has really evolved from an unrealistic dream to a tangible reality which is both unbelievably exciting and absolutely terrifying at the same time. To think that almost a year ago this was a plan to hike the E1 from Germany to Italy and has now morphed into a a journey beyond imagination. We will be covering 3,000+ miles in 6 months. It's still just a number in my head- I cannot wrap my mind around it as a reality.

Jake and I have been doing an exorbitant of biking for two people who haven't biked in a decade each. We have had our bikes for two weeks and are already up to casual 20 mile rides on a bi-daily basis not to mention our random rides around Portland. I'm also currently participating in the Clif Bar 2-mile Challenge (and you should too!). You basically replace any car ride you would take within a 2-mile radius with a bicycle ride and log your miles. Your miles turn into points towards a $100,000 to one of three charities. I will be able to add a lot of miles since I literally don't have a car...but it's a great thing for those of you looking to help a good cause, get healthy, and challenge yourself.

Today I went to Boston to potentially become involved in a sleep study which would net me about $2300 for 3 weeks of tests and 9 days in a lab. I was totally onboard until I saw two words; "rectal" and "sensor." Call me a big old pansy, but I'm sorry, if you are going to ask me to 1) insert a sensor into my buttocks...not just my buttocks, but literally my exit door... 2) remove said sensor whenever I shower or need to evacuate bowels and reinsert and 3) do this for 9 days straight while already irritable...you will need to be paying me FAR more than two grand. However, the finding out about the sensor part was right in the middle of riding 20 miles around Boston when I only needed to go 5 and being screamed at by an evil, evil Amtrak man for someone else not doing their job. Needless to say, I am not a huge fan of Boston. PLUS I came home to a raging thunderstorm and multiple tornado warnings.

Dear Mother Nature,
I understand that you are upset with us due to all of the styrofoam, landfills, emissions and that pesky "BP" situation in the Gulf. You have every right to reign thunder and lightening upon us as it is well deserved. BUT QUIT WITH THE TORNADOES! It's MAINE for crying out loud! I would sincerely appreciate it if you stuck to your usual bag of tricks and kept the tornadoes for Dorothy.

All the Best,

Anyways, I do have intriguing things to talk about, I swear. For example the Mango Ice Cream Wedding Cake I made a few weeks ago, however that will have to wait until the groom sends me the pictures. Of the cake, I mean. Also coming up soon with be my plea for donations, so stay tuned! You don't wanna miss the groveling!

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