Friday, August 6, 2010

I've Got Mail!

Guess who just got a lovely postcard from their favorite international pen-pal!? Oh right, that would be ME. My pen-pal and former fellow blogger, Tina, sent me a postcard from Warsaw! I am super jealous, because Poland is one of the countries Jake and I have had to cut out of our Cross-Continental Adventure. I feel like her and I are two of the only people in the world who still love sending and receiving mail- although we always then email to ensure that we have received it. Ha! It's just something about opening the mailbox, and instead of seeing bills- seeing something pretty or in a personal envelope with handwriting on it...more importantly seeing this when it's NOT your birthday or a major holiday. I am excited to send her postcards when I begin my journey, and look forward to hearing more from her in the meantime!

If you are an old-school mail fan/adventurous traveler and want to become pen-pals, send me an email! We can exchange mailing addresses and send each other postcards throughout our journeys :)

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