Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yes, it has been awhile. Things are CRAZY as everything is fast approaching. We are down to a mere 26 DAYS until we leave good ole Maine, and we still have a fair amount to do. It doesn't help that Jake and I have been on this artsy kick for the last month so instead of doing things like cleaning and selling crap and organizing- we are painting, and decopaging, and making jewelry...geez what is wrong with us!? I guess part of the non-rush is the fact that we are already packed, pretty much everything is returning to my parents (in regards to furniture anyways), and our only other possession of value is our tiny sugar dog.

HOWEVER, we did get rid of our bed so we have been roughing it on a deflated (not because we are lazy, but because it has holes) air mattress the last week and the next few. We have also sold like 23 items on Ebay AND I have been working promotional gigs out the anus this past week. Exhausting, yes, but also AWESOME.

And now for the little matter of housekeeping where I throw THE BIGGEST THANKS IN THE WORLD to a few of our sponsors! Even in all the hectic-osity, they have been STELLAR and have sent us enough food and healthy goodness to keep us energized, immunized, and mesmerized! Big thanks to Amazing Grass for sending us TONS of Amazing Meal containers- we are very very happy and are LOVING the "Grass Goddess" shirt! I cannot wait to wear that! Also a heaping thank-you to the folks at Alacer- best known for Emergen-C for sending more little blue packets than we EVER imagined. I also need to make a shout out to the folks at SIGG for sending us two GORGEOUS bottles! You guys are incredible!

Of course that is not to say that our other beautiful sponsors are any less special! However, most of them have already received shout-outs so I'd like to even out the love, mmk? The problem now is re-packing because I have nooo clue how to fit all of this stuff in our bags! But, we are determined, and we love our sponsors and their generous donations, so not to fear! All will be well.

If you'd like to be a special kind of awesome, you should visit my Etsy shop (there is a bar on the side of this page that can take you there directly) and check out some of my stuff! If you purchase ANYTHING from my shop please write "Byte Size ME!" in the message section to be sent a free gift with purchase! It could be a necklace, beads, bracelet, painting, you have no clue! But it's likely to be one of those things since that's about all I make!

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