Monday, February 28, 2011

A Bit of Followthrough

As promised on my *woah 200th entry* some changes have been happening. While many have been behind the scenes e.g. working on my books, writing up recipes, and attending more "foodie" centered events, there have also been some other changes that you may notice. The first being the new makeover. It is much different than the other layout, I know, but I wanted to simplify. Still not sure if this is the final layout or not, but it will certainly be a visually exciting next couple of weeks. You will also see that the collaborative Etsy shop is up! I am working with an amazingly talented card maker as well as my wonderful photographer boyfriend (who must take credit for the images in the header btw) to make that shop full of a variety of beautiful items.

Stick around. I promise it will get better.

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