Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Artsy Up Here

Jacob and I have a plethora of used film canisters occupying our closet. Like, at least 10 ranging from several years ago to our most recent European exploration. When a local photography store went out of business, we took advantage of the "free" table and bulked up on developing materials. Jacob had learned from our host in England that he could just process the film and then do whatever he wanted from there- from which point Jacob realized that he could always just scan the images to see what he wanted to be developed, or in some cases just keep as is.

We each own lomography cameras- I have the old Holga which was handed down to me when Jacob purchased his Diana. Since we are too poor for 120mm film, we learned how to rig them to take 35mm by way of hair elastics and cut up pieces of kitchen sponges. Since this film isn't really meant to be used in these cameras, we had to wind the cameras according to a series of clicks to make sure it aligned properly. Because we knew these rolls of film were likely to be a bit...well...different, we thought it would be better if one of them were to be our experimental processed rolls.

After a few hours locked up in our bathroom, strips of film hanging from our shower rod, and many hours in Photoshop, the result was the following set of images. There were a few things that went wrong in the process (which is why only 3 of them turned out very well)- Jacob thinks he didn't let them sit in the chemicals long enough for one, the second problem being that our scanner isn't a proper negative scanner.

He also developed a roll of film taken on his Nikon that turned out amazingly well, however, I am not sharing any of those photos on the blog. He will be exhibiting the non-posted photos at Bard Coffee starting at July 17 so you will have to stop by to see those!

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