Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Things in 2011 that I have loved

Let me start by saying that I am not hugely a fan of the "new blogger interface" that I just clicked on. When did Blogger come Wordpress? Seriously? I have missed talking about pointless things that I do and do not care about, so as I am sitting here on one of the few non-married evenings left I have decided to do just that. Well, mostly just going over what I DO care about. Who needs all that negativity anyways.

Things in 2011 that I have loved

This restaurant- Paciarino (pah-chi-ah-reeno)

Are you kidding me? THIS is Italian food, folks. Not that Olive Garden shit. This is true Italian food, simple, amazing, affordable. The last time I ate pasta like this was literally IN Italy. Their limoncello dessert was absolutely to die for. If you don't eat here at SOME point in your life, I don't care to know you. 

Ok, maybe that was a little harsh. 

This coffee shop- Mornings in Paris

It could just be my obsession with everything involving France, but Mornings in Paris is my go to if you want a place that's good for anything. Coffee, tea, pastries, they're good at it all. Sure there are places in town that have just great coffee, and I'm first to say that Homegrown is best in Portland for tea, but MIP takes the cake for consistent quality regardless of the product. Their collaboration with local bakers only makes them MORE droolworthy!

This hobby- Knitting
If you don't knit, you should. It's amazing- challenging, productive, even sorta peaceful. Ravelry is a great resource with patterns for every level. The only thing that I can imagine will keep me sane this winter is sitting in my rocking chair, knitting.

This band/album- Foster the People/Torches

This band and album have ruined my life in the best possible way. They are all I listen to. It has been a long time since I have found what I consider to be a perfect album- a CD that I can listen to fully without any identifiable flaw or need to cease or skip any particular song. I think the last album that I could say that about was Crisis by Alexisonfire. 

This single- Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye & Kimbra

There is not really anything more to be said. Kimbra's album Vows just came out and is incredible, and although I do love Gotye in this so so so so much, I'm not the biggest fan of his solo work. However, putting these two together is the best decision anyone could have ever made.

Other things include:
Everything about the conclusion of Harry Potter
The band Thomas Wesley Stern
Discovering that pedicures are awesome
This season of True Blood (I have hated every other season until now)
Finally doing yoga