Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making Money on the Fly

This is a quick, apologetic post to you, dear readers, for my absence and busy-bee life of the current now. I have been scrambling to make money, sell goods, and find amazing sponsors in the final month before I leave.

I bring to you a brainstorm list of ways to make last minute cash for a big trip:
1. Etsy Alchemy Requests: If you have a skill or craft that you do like no one else, respond to these requests. It's fun, promotional, and you can make some money. You can also start your own shop too.
2. Ebay the shit out of your home: Put everything you don't want/need onto Ebay. Even if you only make $5, that's money you wouldn't have if it were sitting in storage. We made $280 this month off Ebay. Yeah.
3. Be a Craigslist hound: Volunteer for odd jobs, gigs, and temp positions to supplement your income. I'm currently signed up as a Got Milk? Brand Ambassador. $15/hr to hand milk out to children? Now that's what I'm talking about.
4. Become a ChaCha Guide: I have made $57 so far (in 4 days) just answering questions for ChaCha. It's a few cents per answer, but it kills time, adds up quick, and is extra money that I wouldn't be making just sitting around.

That's all I have for today folks! I'm off to teach children about the importance of drinking cow's milk!....Who cares if I don't actually support the consumption of milk from mammals that aren't human!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I've Got Mail!

Guess who just got a lovely postcard from their favorite international pen-pal!? Oh right, that would be ME. My pen-pal and former fellow blogger, Tina, sent me a postcard from Warsaw! I am super jealous, because Poland is one of the countries Jake and I have had to cut out of our Cross-Continental Adventure. I feel like her and I are two of the only people in the world who still love sending and receiving mail- although we always then email to ensure that we have received it. Ha! It's just something about opening the mailbox, and instead of seeing bills- seeing something pretty or in a personal envelope with handwriting on it...more importantly seeing this when it's NOT your birthday or a major holiday. I am excited to send her postcards when I begin my journey, and look forward to hearing more from her in the meantime!

If you are an old-school mail fan/adventurous traveler and want to become pen-pals, send me an email! We can exchange mailing addresses and send each other postcards throughout our journeys :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Golly, it's Greens+!

I will be cross-posting this because it was great fun (feel free to read an extended version on our Century Ride Benefit Blog!) BUT!!! Today Jake and I received our sponsorship from Greens+! I have loved this company for awhile now, with their super tasty energy bars and quick drink mixes that give you servings of veggies and fruit without even blinking an eye. They were one of the first companies to volunteer to sponsor our journey and I have been super excited ever since!

I was really impressed because while I was working at Whole Foods they had a demo going for Greens+. I bee-lined for the table because they had some new products they were showing off, and I got chatting with the representative about my trip and how Greens+ had agreed to sponsor us, and how thankful I was. And he gave me more stuff! He gave me full samples of the new bars they are coming out with and some drink packets. He was very knowledgable and friendly, and it honestly made my day...and now it's even better! Greens+ has given us a box of energy bars and a box of there berry drink mix! PLUS (hahaha get it?) a nifty drink mix ratio cup thing. Yes please!

Jake had never had Greens+ products before, so we agreed that it would be okay to sample the
product. Good golly, we were both very impressed. I had forgotten how good the drink mix tasted, and was comforted by the chocolatey goodness of my half of the energy bar! Please check out more information about this awesome company below (they make products for pooches too! Zoey was jealous but then I reminded her of her goodies from Evanger's!). We very much look forward to continuing our partnership with Greens+ and our other gracious sponsors!!

Greens+ Official Website: http://greensplus.com/index.php
"Like" then on Facebook!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Greens-Plus/109290615779644