Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Little KINDness

Things have been gearing up prettttty fast for the trip. My apartment has literally been like a Greek Tragedy with clothes strewn about, random crap I never knew I had crawling out form under the bureau, Zoey's toys torn to shreds with little fluffs of cotton stuffing laying like a battle field across our dirt and hair covered floor...but all in the name of "progress!" We have officially sold each and every gaming system...oh wait that's a lie...I still have my DS....but we have ALMOST sold each and every gaming system! I noted on Twitter that it is sort of sad that someone with the alias of "Byte Size" is no longer geekily equipped. We have also sold both of our iPhones to and switched to old school Motorola Razr/Slivr and cut out data completely. "Why," you ask? Because it will save us $100 per month, and we really don't need to be checking our email constantly anyways.

While I could not give up my precious bloggy-lovechild, we have also chosen to remove ourselves from Social Media. Facebook and Twitter were simply becoming abused by strangers and in the end, knowing what old chums are doing is not worth my safety. On Facebook they constantly change the fine print- here I control what information people have access to. That's the big ole difference.

We are also getting prepared for Flea Market season when we will be frequenting these under cover markets to sell our outrageous amounts of clothes, kitchenware, and random shit that you'd think no one would ever want. We went to one the other day and got a BRAND NEW backpack and or two cell phones for $4! TOTAL! We also had a very generous Army man sell us a plethora of his old gear for $100. I mean bags, and bags of thermal, fleece, reflective, and rain gear, a sleeping bag, boots, and a helmet for good measure. We will likely be selling the boots and helmet as they do not fit us, but the rest of the stuff is in amazing shape and I can't wait to put it to use! And so begins the purge of our current life-as-we-know-it and the plunge into hippiedom. We are hoping that by August our material items are minimal and our brains are only consumed by the thoughts of saving money and the wide-world ahead of us. Even Zoey is excited for the wonderful vacation ahead of her!

The support of our sponsors has been tremendous. Our closet has become a sanctuary of items our sponsors have sent us, so that we save them for the trip. Yesterday I received a bountiful box of treats from KIND Snacks. I especially appreciate their sponsorship because they have an amazing business focus on holistic living and breaking the barriers of modern society. I especially love this quote I discovered on their website:

"Kind’s vision is to transform mindless snacking into KIND Snacking:
snacking that is KIND to your body, your taste buds, & the world.®"

How freaking rad is that? I would love to give a round of applause to the marketing team who came up with that quote because it really hit it home for me. It essentially sums up the purpose of my journey in one sentence. Anyways! They sent Jake and I enough snacks to keep us fueled for quite an extensive amount of time aaaand a fabulous T-shirt for me to sport during the journey! I am excited to tell you guys more about the products once we begin the journey (we aren't going to be sneaking any samples til then!) and share our experiences with you.

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