Tuesday, September 8, 2009

idk my bff Pey'J?

Saturday night, for the first time in...well, quite awhile, I meandered over to the stack of video games, picked one, and began playing. I knew nothing about this game except that it was called Beyond Good and Evil and that it's for the PS2. I probably would not have played it if Jake hadn't recently purchased a wireless control for the console. Not because I'm some gaming snob, but simply because the wired control doesn't reach the couch. And sitting on the hardwood floor isn't exactly the way to start a new game...a sore ass will inevitably alter the initial opinion of the video game.

With that said, I don't really know if I like the game so far. I don't like how backwards the controls are when taking a picture with the camera...makes it take just that much longer to focus. I also think that the amount of dialog would be fine if it were even remotely interesting. Overall, it's a pretty basic game...x is attack and action and o is eat, heal, fix, etc. It is pretty simple, which is appealing in some ways but also pretty boring in others. Maybe I have yet to find the deep meaning behind this game, but so far I don't really even understand what's going on or what my purpose is. I know I'm supposed to take pictures of Earth worms....but why? What does this have to do with the whole "war" theme? Why is my BFF a pig-man with jet boots?

Then there's the faerie who randomly talks to me, and is annoying as shit. The Latin nerd in me likes that he calls her "Yade" instead of "Jade," but I'm pretty sure that the reasoning has nothing to do with the pronounciations of Ancient Rome. I think that the game has me curious enough that I may finish it. I have also heard that it's an incredibly short game, so hopefully I only have a few more days playing it. I feel like a failure to the gaming world because I generally dislike a lot of the games that are said to be "amazing." My bad.

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  1. yeah its only 13 hours long but its really good, do some exploring, oh and the little spanish guy practicly dissapers untill the end.-Nick