Sunday, September 13, 2009

Katamari Never.

Wow. So I was quite excited for the new Katamari game Katamari Forever, so you can only imagine the heartbreak when I played the demo for the first time today. I was quite pleased that I could switch from the Tiny Prince to any of the other little guys from We <3 Katamari (I always play as the one who looks like a strawberry ^_^) , and that the noises were still the same. Then I was perplexed...where the hell do I go? How do I actually play the game? Well, apparently you are supposed to go up and select the RoboKing...which brings you to a swirly world of doom. do I do? How do I play? So I went up to the question mark above me where I am thrown into a room with my Katamari and told to do my thing. No mention of how big I need to get, what to collect, anything. They refreshed me on what the controls were, but still didn't really help much because the only thing I wanted to know (how the hell I pan out) is no longer a function.

I love the look. The cell-shaded levels are so beautiful. But holy shit, the camera angles are like mental rape, and I literally have to quick-turn every three seconds to do anything. I decided to do the rehydration level next. Basically, you roll around the level, watering the barren wasteland you were forced into. Cool idea, right? I totally's a new concept that steers clear of the repetitive nature found in the other Katamari games. What's my problem then? Well, I'll tell you. The screen is so effing cramped that you get lost. SO lost, mind you, that there is no way for you to figure out how to get back to the watering hole without spinning in circles a couple times first. AND since they neglected to include the pan-out control, there is no way to zoom out and see where the hell you are in relation to your goal. Screw that. It's like being given a loaf of bread and being asked to make cheese.

My hope is that since it is a mere demo, Namco gets their shit together and makes this game less stressful and more enjoyable. If not, I will be sticking to my loving Katamari Damacy and treat all the others like the Star Wars prequels....I swear they haven't happened yet.

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  1. For which console is it? It looks really cute: I'll try anything anime-ish :P

    Love the mini Alfonse Elric in the back!