Saturday, December 5, 2009

You May Call Me a Dreamer, but I'm Not the Only One

Yes, it has been over a month since my last post. For that, I am very, truly sorry. However, the way I see it...if I have nothing of substance to right about there is no way in hell I am going to post it to the world. Quality over quantity, you see? Of course, this post is bound to have very little substance, but hey, it's my freaking blog and I'll rant about nonsense if I wanna. So there.

I miss France. And London. And Wales. And Kilarney. And certain areas of Dublin. But mostly France...Arles and Marseille specifically. I have finally completely paid off my Disney cruise which is what I should be the most excited for...but instead, my enthusiasm is being channeled into something that hasn't even been looked at yet. Typical me. Putting the cart before the frickin' horse. I can't help it, though...Europe is my "place." Not like "ohh look at me...I was born in the wrong time/country/body/gender/species/planet" the way where I constantly want to explore it and understand it and so on and so forth. With some people it's their own state or country. With some it's specifically Asia or South America or Africa...but for me it's Europe. Believe me, I am so thrilled to be going to the Carribean in a month, but that's vacation. To me, travelling Europe isn't about vacation and relaxation; it's about adventure and discovery and constantly being challenged.

When I was in France I hated that no one understood me. I hated how hard it was to do anything. However, ever since I've returned I have been trying harder to learn French and other languages. Now I know how hard it is to get by...but I still want to be there. I want to pack a single bag, fly over there, and walk until I no longer can. And I will one day.


  1. Hello sweetheart!

    Glad to see you post again. I completely understand not posting when you've nothing important to say. For instance, I returned from London on monday, but I'm only just posting about it. I didn't have time to sit down and write something of quality for my blog, so I didn't write at all. I'd rather be sporadic than full of shit (pardon my French, no pun intended).
    I understand how you feel. When you find a place that's just right, you want to stay there - I've actually felt that way about a couple of places (one of them being London).

    I've never been outside of Europe, so I don't know if I'm the best person to comment - but Europe is great (says the European). Every little town is unique and every country is vastly different from the previous and the next. There's something about the air in Europe that breathes excitement and adventure - what's not to love?


  2. Haha! I was just on your blog today wondering where you've been!! Have you ever been on any of the long distance hiking trails? Or seen them in passing? I'm trying to learn more about them but don't know anyone personally who's seen them or has access to them haha. Thanks for checking in! It feels good to be reintegrating into the blogging world haha!

  3. Welcome back, Kelly. I completely agree with you about quality over quantity. And your post did have substance after all.

    I've been outside Europe, and have loved the other parts of the world - each is unique and has it's own charm and beauty, but there is just something about Europe that goes beyond that (says another European! LOL.) May your dreams of going back to Europe soon come true.

  4. I've been to Europe once and loved it. I'm practicing my German so when I go back I can get around much easier! Have a great trip.