Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'll follow you into the dark..

Here we are. 9 days left. I won't lie, it's pretty overwhelming. I think the most overwhelming part is the fact that there is NOTHING left to do. Buy socks. That is all there is left. Well, not really. We still need to bring furniture to my parents house, bring Zoey to Jake's aunt's house, give the apartment a final clean, get in the rental car, drive to NY. But it's all planned out, so there isn't much else.

We are basically at the point of tying up loose ends, saying goodbyes, making (attempted) amends, and constantly explaining and re-explaining our carefully laid out plans to everyone. There will probably be a beautifully entertaining post from New York, as we are going to be "livin' the life" for a day with a former classmate of mine. Cupcake bar, anyone?

So, as I have been saying for the past eight billion entries- just stay tuned. There will certainly be excitement in the future. Even if I don't have time to post full entries, you can follow along on Facebook!


  1. This is @TMIFred (CostaVidaFred) what is your twitter address these days? I was just thinking about you. Whats up

  2. No more Twitter, Fred! Went through a Social Media purge back in May due to some safety issues, but I'm back on FB. You can follow our status updates for the trip by going to the Facebook tab at the top of the blog! Thanks for getting in touch. I hope all is well!