Friday, April 2, 2010

10 Nerdy Toys Every Self-Respecting Enthusiast Needs.

I hesitate labeling this as "Top 10" because realistically, there are probably much more "Nerdworthy" toys I could list. This is merely a composition of 10 toys that I think are must-haves. They are listed in no particular order, and I highly encourage you to comment and let me know your most prized, no, not on Xbox Live...a collectable, stuffed animal, figurine, poster, map, whatever it is that you love to brag about. Let's have it!

For the record, all of these are available on Entertainment Earth, so if anything catches your eye you know where to find it! Just click the pictures or hyperlinked text and you're there.

Bioshock EVE Hypo Syringe Prop

I'm pretty sure there is no explanation needed for why this is awesome. Anyone who has not only played and loved Bioshock, but has also had dreams of being anything Bioshock related for
Halloween knows that this is one of the most badass props ever.

Big Daddy Bouncer Plush

On that same note, how freaking adorabley horrifying would it be to dress your daughter up as a little sister, carrying around a Big Daddy doll? SO ADORABLY HORRIFYING. I think it would be even better to have my fictional imaginary daughter have this as an everyday toy...I mean it's no more disturbing than the squirrel tails I played with as a young child...

Sunnydale High School T-Shirt

I don't know how many times/ways I can say "Umm..HELL YES!?" so I think just the one will have to do. I. Am. THRILLED. that this exists. I mean, I have found Buffy's cross necklace (the one Angel gives her), I have several pairs of various colored leather pants, I even have Yummy Sushi pajamas...but if I had THIS shirt and a pair of grey sweat shorts I would pretty much be Ms. Summers of the gym. Just don't pull a Larry or I'll have to take you down :P

Joe Cool Mug

I mean, c'mon. Really. Even iced tea isn't cool enough for this mug! No? Not funny?

Star Wars Year by Year

Now this is a book for many household locations. Casually placed on the coffee table for your guests to thumb through while you wait for the rest of the group to show up...Next to the toilet to show company how seriously you take your "idle time"...Front and center amongst your other Star Wars memorabilia to show just how hardcore you are. Or? All three places.

Serenity Lunch Box

I am a fan of portable memorabilia. Something that will be a great conversation starter, but at the same time very few will understand. If you enter the cafeteria with a Star Trek lunchbox, every asshole within a mile radius will gravitate toward you, quoting overused lines and acting like they know anything at all. Now, you enter with a Serenity lunchbox...and it is a completely different game. To average Joe's, you have a bizarre spaceship lunch vessel, however, to the select and interesting few you have a prized possession worth oogling. Now, which scenario do you choose? Lunchboxes are also amazing for transporting art supplies, business papers, and everyday accessories.

Dexter Dark Defender Action Figure

Not only do you get this freaking awesome Dark Defender action figure, BUT you also get one of Dexter's "trophy" slides and a season 3 tote. Killer! :D (this is on sale btw, get it before it's gone!)

Nintendo Monopoly

Great for the all-encompassing Game Night...board games meet video games. Ohh the good old days. Maybe get some great themed cupcakes too ;)

Indiana Jones Hat and Whip Set

Now, understand me you grown ups...this hat and whip set is for ADVENTURE ONLY. I doubt that it says that on the packaging, so I'm making this perfectly clear...this toy is for archaeology, world saving, and ass kicking...NOT for kinky bedroom time, mmk?

The Great Gonzo Puppet

How impressed would you be if you showed up to a friend's house and Gonzo answered the door? Super impressed! OR you could hide behind your couch and have Gonzo talk to your friends for you...or you could just let him sit on a shelf alone and lonely...

And there you have it! Now, go show off!

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