Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In the coming months you will see some changes happening around Byte Size. As you may or may not know, Jake, Zoey, and I will be traveling to Italy in October! We will be WWOOFing for a few months before hiking north on the E1 Long Distance trail. We have been communicating with businesses about potentially sponsoring our journey (and in return being promoted throughout the 1,661 mile adventure) by donating useful products. We are mostly looking for lightweight camping equipment, efficient clothing, and easy lightweight food products. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor pleeease email me at bytesizekelly@gmail.com.

Anyways! The changes! We plan on updating family, friends, and followers along the way via Byte Size which is being transformed from a Food & Video Game blog to a Food & Travel blog...I'm sorrrry! However, just because I'm not posting about nerdy things does not mean I am any less of a big ole geek...so feel free to pick my brain about new games, movies, and gadgets! Posts on the journey will be from past days of travel both for safety and our own enjoyment. We want to be off enjoying ourselves- not glued to the web the whole time! Most likely, we will back-post a few at a time when we get the chance to hop online- including pictures, podcasts, and general rants and raves. Until that point, the changes on here will mostly be visual. I am also looking for a new banner! If you are interested in making one, again, just send me an email and we can talk about compensation ;)

The winner of last weeks giveaway was Kim Wallace! I will be making a cake for her next month or so, and I am very excited about it! Thank you to all who entered!!

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