Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Future of Albion

Frickin' right! Just hours after posting about my frustration with finding video games that speak to me, I read about a potential Fable III spoiler on Kotaku discussing how the DLC for Fable II could possibly be the premise of the next Fable game. Fable III news on the way and Bioshock II just around the corner? I honestly don't know if my life could handle it. This article was perfect timing, since I was feeling quite distraught about gaming and needed a bit of a pick-me-up. It made me think that it might be time for me to return to Fable: The Lost Chapters since I have barely played it and started it long before Bioshock even existed to me.


"See the Future Fable II DLC"

"Costumes of the Fable II DLC"
I have always loved the costumes and look of characters in Fable II. I feel that the customization of characters is better in this than any other game I have played, so I was very excited to see these released.

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  1. Fable III?? :O Well, I have to continue playing Fable I... Better I hurry. Nice Blog!