Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The six mile stroll

Day two started a lot earlier than we had intended. I had set my alarm for 8am, and was surprised when I woke up at 7am on my own. We got up and were ready to start making breakfast (it was a french toast and bacon kinda morning) when we realized that everyone was already up. It was around 9:45am when we headed out on our traditional "let's get lost in the woods" exploration. There is a path that we usually take, but I'm whiny and said that we should take the rail road tracks because the path would be pure mud.

Yes, Kelly, let's take the railroad tracks. It started off as a great idea. My sister, brother in law, and their dog all walked along together, while Jake and I competed to see who could walk on the rails furthest. The strangest of the three groups was my parents, who decided to lag behind and yank glass conductors off the old power lines. The tracks intersected with a path that, of course, we had to take. I was under the impression that this road just finished the loop we were walking...and I was quite wrong. This road did not end. Ever. It took a few detours, but nothing substantial until we FINALLY found out that it met the path we usually walked. The END of the path. Essentially, we had walked four miles out of the way to travel the same path I had intended to avoid. My brilliance astounds me.

(Bruce the Vintage Bear)

We finally returned to Somerset cabin around 1:45pm. We had estimated that we had gone about six miles, though I think maybe we underestimated. After a quick nap we headed to the Indian Trading Post at KampKamp for some quick souveniers (and to show Jake where Bruce the Vintage Bear came from) before dinner at Flatlander's. We had been eating there since just about our first year up to Moosehead. I got the full rack of ribs while everyone but Jake indulged in the chicken tenders basket. The odd man out, however, investigated the Broasted Chicken. WTF is Broasted Chicken? Well...

“Broasting” – a revolutionary method of
preparing chicken, meats, and fish by
combining pressure cooking and deep
frying concepts...

I have never seen so much food in my life. On full bellies, we headed back to Wilson's. As Jake and I were driving, I noticed something enormous moving beside us...Just then a bull moose stands up! We immediately pulled over, and my sister pulled beside us. "DID YOU SEE THE MOOSE!?" I asked, and they hadn't! With that, we turned our cars around and watched as the massive creature crossed the road in front of us. He was much bigger than the one that Jake and I had seen the day before. Sucked for my parents, though, cuz they were ahead of us and hadn't seen it.

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  1. Sucked for my parents, though, cuz they were ahead of us and hadn't seen it.- Cuz said parents were retrieving stashed glass conductors from the path since 6 miles with 20 lbs of relics wasn't part of the plan. And BTW we've "run with mooses", a view from a car pales in comparison!
    -your mother