Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thursday Tea is back...just delayed..

Last week, I made a promise to Jupiter Sinclair that we would review Dead Until Dark for Thursday Tea. I even set my mind to remind her...which I did....a few days later. Oops. But here I am, fashionably late.

Thursday Tea was a little thing brought to you by BirdBrain(ed) Book Blog and my inspiration was drawn from Jupiter Sinclair. Here is the schpeal:

Tell us what tea you are drinking (and if you like it). And then tell us what book are you reading (and if you like it). Finally, tell us if they go together.

While I have been experimenting with the sciences of ice cream, Jake has been doing research about tea. As I previously posted, we are huge fans of Homegrown Tea on Congress St. in Portland ME, and Sarah has kind of inspired Jake to look at herbs, spices, and plants in a more beneficial manner. A few months ago, I purchased some rose hips. I had thought about making my own tea, but never got around to doing so. Combined with some peppermint and gunpowder green tea that we bought yesterday, Jake attempted to make his own tea creation.

After steeping it for 3 minutes we realized that those two things probably didn't go best together. Along with having no real significant flavor, it was pretty much summed up with the word "bitter." But every aspiring mad-scientist has to start somewhere, and once in awhile they are allowed some less than perfect experiments.

Being an enormous Buffy fan, I was excited about the prospects of True Blood. I had heard that it used a lot of the same mythology that Joss Whedon follows, and well...Anna Paquin. Need I say more? I jumped into the pilot with excitement...and soon felt as if someone pulled my chair out from under me. It felt like a joke. I couldn't stand it. The acting was not believable to me, and felt WAY overdone. I have watched all of season 2 so far, and my biggest gripe is that they spend 45 min whining and crying, and only the last 5 minutes of the show are awesome. It feels like HBO is under the impression that if they show Anna Paquins rack at least three times an episode, the acting doesn't really matter.

When Jake and I went to NY Comic Con in February, our waitress at Jekyl & Hyde's could not stop raving about the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Mystery Series by Charlaine Harris; the novels behind True Blood. Luckily, my amazing roommate has the first book so I began reading it a few weeks ago. I feel like if HBO can't make it the show I want it to be, I can at least still learn the story the way it was meant to be told, because I love the concept...just loathe the televised follow-through. Although I'm only on page 26, I enjoy it a lot. I'm hoping to get some more reading done on the drive down to Warped Tour next Monday.

How do the two go together? Well...the tea and the TV show were both things that were good in theory but somehow managed to not be so great. Let's hope the book doesn't have the same result.

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