Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If it comes in red, I'll take it

I have been considering the purchase of a Nintendo DS (Lite, of course) for about a year or so now. However, with the upcoming North American release of the DSi, I'm wondering if I should just continue to put it off. The DSi sounds like it's going to be great; dual touch screens, cameras, and the opportunity for me to become just that much nerdier. But then the shallow girly-girl in me kicks in...because it's just not pretty enough for me.

The thing that draws me to the DS is the shiny sleekness of it (and that it comes in red), but I feel like the DSi looks more like an child's play toy than I reliable gaming system. The colors are not the prettiest, and the application of them looks like somebody was only given one crayon to complete their science fair project. In addition, I am a klutz, so I would need something that would sustain a bit of a beating. While the DS can hold up to one or two drops, the DSi looks like it would shatter if it fell on a pile of pillows.

I suppose I will wait for the DSi release. Then, I'm sure Game Stop will have a few on display that I can fondle and put to the test before dismissing it completely. Also? Even if I don't like it, I'm sure the price will decrease on the DS because there will be a lot of trade-ins.

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