Friday, April 17, 2009

"Where are your rap hands?!"

As a part of Jake's birthday present, I got tickets for us to go to the MC Chris concert at The Station in Portland, ME. We had both seen MC in 2007; me at Warped Tour and Jake at The Station in the spring. The show was amazing. The opening band consisted of three guys from Long Island called I am the Dream. I would describe them as a shitty 3 Oh 3-esque band that probably was more capable of carrying an STD than a tone. They only played about five songs (thank the powers that be) before shouting "I NEED TO GET LAID!" and leaping off stage. We had to wait around for about a half an hour before MC Chris came out, but it was worth the wait.

MC Chris played almost his entire discography, and I was especially excited that he played "MC Chris Ownz" because I have always wanted to hear that song live. In between songs he talked about Left 4 Dead & Resident Evil 5, and engaged the crowd rather than simply shouting, "Thank you Portland!" after every song. Afterwards, he met with everybody, taking pictures and signing autographs, even just shaking people's hands and having a conversation with them. I have to say that this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to (second to Fall Out Boy because I touched Pete Wentz' leg XD), and I highly recommend everyone grab a pair of tickets (they're only $12!) to the closest show in The Floor is Lava Tour and have yourself an amazing time, cuz everyday's MC Chris-mas.


  1. I'm hoping I get a chance to see him when he comes to Columbus next week. Been a big fan for years and just never had a chance to get to a show. I've actually tried to book him for a show down in my little town near Dayton, which is centrally located between Columbus and Cincy, but to no avail. Maybe I will try to pursue that if I see him. Glad to hear it was a good show, even the openers aren't super.

  2. Plus, thanks for the followfriday shout-out, that was really cool. I tend to forget about it, but I'll be sure to give you a shout next time around.

  3. DUDE! I'm also a nerdcore artist! You are awesome.

    Check it!

    I'll probably be doing nerdapalooza this year.

  4. RE: Thacher
    Yeah! You should definitely keep trying. He was talking to us about how he's on tour because Cartoon Network is taking their sweet time with his animated show and he needs to make some money. Also, since he is raising money for cystic fibrosis he might be a lot more willing to add more shows. Good luck, and I really hope you get to see him!

  5. RE: Leo
    Man, your songs are awesome! Very witty haha. I have never heard of is that even possible?! What/where is that at?